Capital City of Telangana

capital city of telangana
capital city of telangana

The Capital City of Telangana sustains a very healthy real estate market and is a hot spot for good returns on investment. As most of us know real estate is one thing that seldom disappoints the investor for appreciation. Somewhere between 5 to 10 percent per annum is assured.

The housing sector keeps the unorganized sector fed and employed. In addition, it is the health indicator for steel, cement, wood and a significant portion of goods transport sector. It feeds every stratum of the economy in India. We will address all these one at a time in future blogs.

Most of us look for three things while investing. Security for the principle, a steady appreciation of amount invested and quick return when we liquidate. For all this Real state is next best to gold.
It is relevant to note that the real estate sector did not show a significant down turn in Hyderabad – in fact it showed a surge – even during COVID.

Almost 50% of all investments is in the household sector. Demand for housing – particularly apartments – continues to be quite robust in the capital city of Telangana. Between 2021 and now there is a growth of 36%. This is a very healthy growth that may well be sustained for a while longer.

The celebrity group has delivered on projects around Telangana and Karnataka where the appreciation after delivery has clocked as high as 40 times in 20 years. We are saying that because the general economy is on the upswing post COVID. The younger generation is investing again after a hiatus. The middle age group is looking for a place to live free of problems post-retirement.

Some Come to Celebrity! Buy a piece of the action and join those who are benefitting.

– By Ramesh Kandadai


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